Batter Up! Youth Baseball & Softball is about to begin!
Participation fees includes a baseball/softball t-shirt and hat/visor, practice time on fields, coaches willing to work with kids one on one, schedules, organized game formats, weather updates by text, music at games and a great experience for kids.

Please register your child within the current grade they are enrolled this school year (2019-20). Reminder that games will be played in most weather conditions other than lightning, so please be prepared.

Season: May 1 – June 27th, 2020
Registration Fee:

  • $50 for K-2nd grades
  • $70 for 3rd – 8th grades

Registration Opens: March 25th, 2020
Registration Deadline: April 14th, 2020

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Baseball League Divisions

T-Ball (Preschool Coed)

T-Ball Info Goes Here

Coach Pitch (Kindergarten Coed)

Coach Pitch (Kindergarten Coed) Info Here

Machine Pitch (1st-2nd Coed)

Machine Pitch (1st-2nd Coed) Info Here

Minor League (3rd-4th Boys)

Minor League (3rd-4th Boys) Info Goes Here

Major League (5th-6th Boys)

Major League (5th-6th Boys) Info Goes Here

Pony League (7th-9th Boys)

Pony League (7th-9th Boys) Info Goes Here

Softball League Divisions

Softball (3rd-5th Girls)

Softball (3rd-5th Girls) Info Goes Here

Softball (6th-9th Girls)

Softball (6th-9th Girls) (Kindergarten Coed) Info Here